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mercator.roundtrip (february1999)

today i was driving home from work and it was raining a little, and i had the front window defroster on full blast. it caused the rain to steam off the windshield every time my wipers moved. then the guy behind me honked and i realized it was a green light. oopsie.

welcome:intro (1.52mb) fun with vocoder.

roundtrip (5.11mb) i performed this track live once. and only once.

spyplane (4.90mb) takes high-resolution pictures from the edge of space.

windchill (5.86mb) is subtle. please to enjoy.

jumprope (5.55mb) is kinda triphop/acid. acidhop? tricid? whatever.

drivetime (4.23mb) is slow-and-go at the moment, especially around the beltway. you may want to try an alternate route.

welcome (4.38mb) more fun with vocoder.

roundtrip:version (33.9mb) made tommy say "um, does this go anywhere?" the answer is "no: ergo ’roundtrip.’"