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mercator.metempsychosis (february2000)

this album was named after a word that means… er, well, look it up. it’s a bit difficult to sum up. i got the idea from reading james joyce’s "ulysses" though, where it’s one of the running themes. met him pike hoses. all these trax were conceived in rebirth 2.0. fun program. many trax have additional stuff beyond the rebirth sounds though.

aard (3.09mb) promises much, but offers only a place to die. kinda like hollywood.

abeyance (2.40mb) accidentally cut off on me, which explains the weird ending.

antigen (3.18mb) is the opposite of gen?

capstan (3.06mb) is sorta like jungle, and sorta not. okay, very much not.

chiaroscuro (2.35mb) utilizes a casio sk1. yay!

mustermark (2.64mb) is named after the line "three quarks for muster mark" from james joyce’s "finnegans wake." gee, it’s almost like i’m a fan or something. which reminds me, i had to wear an eyepatch too when i was a kid. arrrrr.

chipsystem (4.25mb) predates glitch by several years. it is also not glitch at all. eerie!

dirslashp (4.50mb) tells you, with a smirk, "bad command or file name." you grab your 286 and chuck it down the hall.

fizzix (3.15mb) is a newtonian construct. with the advent of quantum mechanics and relativity, we have thankfully moved past that. science marches on.

snufkin (2.37mb) is a character from jove jansson’s ‘moomintroll’ books. enchanting tales. the most hardhearted, if given half a chance, would get lost in her wonderful world.

hokn (3.78mb) is not mean-spirited. i promise.

icecram (1.89mb) was coined by adam. also ‘bloots.’

inversion (3.56mb) will kick you to the kerb, yo.

melisma (1.66mb) i think i was reading a gore vidal book into the mic. could have been "dinky hocker shoots smack" though.

oddiker (2.99mb) is an alternate pronunciation, i suppose.

phunq (2.68mb) has been a bad little boy and needs a spanking.

plangency (2.11mb) "okay."

scatter (3.17mb) yeah boyeee! on the dance floor! everybody! w00t w00t! and stuff.

schf (2.51mb) 2-part bass. something about that sound sends me.

wurmbot (0.99mb) was named after a fun java program that i can’t find on the web anymore. more later.

smoovie (2.62mb) may eventually be the background for an a/v project. we’ll see.

threefour (4.11mb) is in 3/4 time. huzzah!

spindling (3.72mb) was inspired by "springwind atlantic", but has a really cool tweakish bass hit. i be hipmotized.