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aegrisomnia (4.32mb – 1993) is latin for "the sick man’s dream." you know, when you go to bed full of bratwurst and grolsch.

cepheidvariable (2.43mb – 1993) is the name for a star that allowed edwin hubble to prove that certain "nebulae" were "galaxies." fun!

cr5000 (4.61mb – 1998) is the drum machine i used for this track.

exhibitionism (2.72mb – 1993) is very loosely based on a piece of modest mussorgsky’s "pictures at an exhibition." i think "the hut of baba yaga." maybe not. dunno.

hitandmiss (7.69mb – 1994) is guitar-laden, but i like it.

icon (5.43mb – 1993) i want to make a remix of this one called “oclasmix”.

olevelelevel (8.17mb – 1990) at one time also had a track over top of adam & me trying to write a term paper. adam was stoned. i didn’t know this until 5 years later.

ritualdeloresidual (8.31mb – 1994) fiddles with the tempo knob the way you fiddle with yours.

sft1 (16.9mb – 1994) is frenetic and high-strung.

sft2 (28.0mb – 1994) is polite and smells of potpourri.

sixeight (6.86mb – 1998) is in 6/8 time.

spacedoorisajar (5.07mb – 1990) was used in a skit at organge high.

winter (9.03mb – 1993) was originally entitled "winter lightning," which occurred whilst i recorded this.