mercator’s world (mission statement)

pop star industries (psi) is a d.i.y. quasi-label run by mercator, né matt kremer. that’s me.

if you want my services as a musician, soundtrack composer, performer, etc., let me know.

if you’re interested in collaborating with me on a project, let me know.

if you like some song or other of mine and you’d like to remix it for fun, go for it. i’d like to hear it, so please let me know at some point. i could use the ego stroke. one sad thing for you to know, though: all these trax, except for the ones made in 2015 and later, have no source trax available. all but the .mp3s of the finished products were wiped out. if you’re interested in remixing one of the trax from 2015 and later, i can try to give you some source trax to work with.

if you want to use or remix my trax for something that makes money, you best be letting me know beforehand, and i reserve the right to say “hell no” or “buy me dinner first” or whatever. in other words, just because my music is for free for you to listen to does not make it okay to pilfer for monetary gain. don’t be a dingus.

if you want me to deejay, i can’t. sorry. i can do a live performance that will make you dance, but it won’t involve vinyl, nor would i be able to take requests.

if you want to interview me for some absurd reason, let me know.

if you like kitties, that’s good.