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mercator.adinterim (august1998)

my first recordings utilizing what you earthlings call a “com-pyoo-tar”.

voirdire (6.42mb) is a legal term. you’re welcome.

redshift (8.11mb) is full of stars. and they’re all going away from you.

benzene (4.86mb) is a ring-shaped carbon-based molecule.

wobble (4.94mb) is depressing. woohoo!!!

noodle (5.41mb) reminds me of a very funny anecdote.

lucid (4.80mb) was writ in 1994, but this is a newer version.

expansion (8.17mb) (see above).

squeestoy (4.62mb) puts tommy “in another place.” higher praise cannot be bought.

positron (4.05mb) should be played at threshold-of-pain volume.

adinterim (9.01mb) ooooh! spooky!

perdesthai (3.18mb) is latin for “he farted.” fur real! cool eh?

maniac (3.87mb) is dancing like it’s never danced before.