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mercator.recalcitrance (may1996)

the original version of this album is still (i’m pretty sure) available in dollar bins all along the wasatch front. if not, then someone must have bought them all and melted them down to make paperweights or something.

i think we lost them (3.96mb) for good this time. uhoh…

i think they found us (3.38mb) so run!!!

audiotile1 (1.16mb) is part one.
sleet (5.03mb) was falling outside when i made this track.
valve (5.54mb) s were falling outside when i made this track.
ockham’s razor excerpt1 (1.22mb) was made with an electronics kit and a delay pedal.

a very complicated game (12.3mb) hurts. it hurts in a big way.
precursor (4.12mb) commences with adam commenting on some tape or other i’d sent him in early ’93. he was making a foony.
greyscale (13.0mb) wants you to go to sleep.
ockham’s razor excerpt2 (1.12mb) wants you to wake up to a nightmare of your own creation.
xericgroo (7.56mb) accompanied "xericprog" on a whirlwind tour of western europe, only to come down with strep on the eventful trip to copenhagen. pity, that.
audiotile2 (1.03mb) is part two.
dingo (5.57mb) might not like being on a leash, but it still likes sniffing butts.
audiotile3 (1.11mb) is part three.

(originally also featured "xericprog" and "b’roke")