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mercator.presents+extras (november2001)

this album is NOT an accurate representation of my musical direction. this was a gift to my extended family for xmas ’93. however, if you can put aside the fact that this is what amounts to mostly newagey easy-on-the-ears pabulum, it’s still fun to listen to.

and (4.14mb) was originally writ in 1989 on my bass. eventually i may do another version using only bass, and tone down the anthemic grandiosity a bit.

expansion (5.71mb) was writ way back in ’88. this version predates track 7 of adinterim by a few years.

babymobile (5.29mb) is about as passive as they come. elevators only wish they could have this song.

getting on with pipe organ, string quartet and orchestra pit (4.61mb) isn’t afraid of death.

springwind atlantic (4.52mb) was writ in ’89 on guitar. it was also the inspiration for track 23 of metempsychosis.

duet for piano and flute in e minor (4.35mb) was performed by my me and my niece at my dad’s funeral. it was my least enjoyable public performance.

point of last environment (4.10mb) was writ in 1990.

adrift (4.73mb) is when "smooth jazz" decides that it’s too cutting-edge.

turning house (4.12mb) is paul-shafferesque.

recreation (4.12mb) was writ by matt terry and me. er, and i. me. i bought the korg 01w from him that i did most of these songs on.

pine trails piano version (2.01mb) was writ in houston in 1992.

b’roke (2.10mb) is pompous and self-aggrandizing, and deserves to be slapped with an halibut.

powder shuffle (3.46mb) is part one.

powder montage (3.44mb) is part two.

powder slow (3.49mb) is part three (the best part). i did this for howie’s masters project. everyone loved the sequence it was featured in, which had old footage of powder skiing edited over it. if i can find the dvd, i’ll try to rip it and put the sequence up here.

desolate (6.74mb) was writ in ’88. i really like this track, and peradventure i may see my way clear to reprising it in some form or other.