codex05:orange ep

(click title to go to its own window, or right-click (ctrl-click for mac) title to “save link as…”, or just click play to enjoy) ep (february2001)

named after my hometown.

(originally commenced with "oranjeepy")

pilkmink (4.99mb) is this what the young hipsters are calling "drill-n-bass" nowadays? dunno.

lupinex (7.34mb) was a halfhearted attempt at creating an actual "club dance" track.

fiascormx (4.59mb) is a violently remixed version of a song from the punk/ska/core band i used to play bass with.

ouest (3.06mb) is french for "west."

iest (2.52mb) is a fictional land in the "cerebus" comic.

hitandrun (6.73mb) was made in 1994.