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mercator.skep (december2008)

this is a sort of companion to "mkep", as the backing trax to most of them were done on my old pooter before it died a miserable death. the last track though is a look forward to better times with decent pooters.

gojira (2 .8mb) uses a sample from mst3k and the intro music to "godzilla vs. the sea monster" that they riffed on.

fiaredux (7.1mb) is a totally remade version of "fiascormx" from "orange ep", and uses my new favorite toy, the e-Bow.

toontime (3.2mb) is a pretty straightforward song, not techno at all really, but i like it. it happys me.

fretless (6.2mb) is so named because i use an old bass that i ripped the frets out of and epoxied the neck.

mEnsoleillé (4.0mb) means "Mister Sunny". this is the first song i’ve completely created using non-pc pooters.