New CD! “mercator – popular songs that will live forever”

i’ve finally created a new cd entitled “mercator – popular songs that will live forever”. it’s available at Amoeba in Hollywood CA, Dr. Freecloud’s in Fountain Valley CA, and probably the Graywhale near the U in Salt Lake City UT. it’s also available direct through me. drop me a line if you’re interested; i might even send you one for free if you ask nicely.

right now (as of 11/16/2017) it’s only available in the inconvenient “drink coaster” format, but for those of you who don’t own a CD/DVD drive (and i realize there are more and more of you whipper-snappers out there), eventually i’ll be putting it on here in 320mbps .mp3 format, probably around 12/23/2017 or so.

“columns” is track 7 on this 13-track cd, which you can listen to on here (although the mix on here is quieter than the fully-mastered version on the cd). total time of cd is ~79 minutes.

looky here! cds!

looky here! cds!

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